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Hey! ladies and gentlemen you are welcome to this wonderful day, my name is Lawrence , a co-admin of Sefansms.com, today I want to let you in into the corridors of the foremost growing and recognized bulk SMS company, Sefansms.

What is bulk SMS?
The answer is simple, it is an easy way of sending text / mobile messages to numerous phone numbers through a provider’s platform online.

How can you do this?

It is quite possible and easy, find a trusted bulksms provision company, e.g www.sefansms.com, register as a user or client, purchase a suitable quantity of bulk sms units, log on to your account and start typing your message.

Yes, it’s that easy, after typing your message(s), input the phone numbers of those you want to send to, if they are many seperate each of them with a comma (,). and then click send in the “compose sms” portal on our site.

What else can I do with bulk SMS?

1. You can schedule your mesqsages to be sent out on a later time/day even while you sleep.
2. You can personalise the text you send to each recipient.
3. You can upload and save your contacts on the portal for easy access when you are ready to use it.
4. E.T.C., there are still a lot of things you can do on the portal with just few clicks.

Now, Why SefanSMS.Com?

Well, this is a question we must answer if truely we know what we are saying / doing.

Sefan SMS has been on the going for quite a long time now, as you must have read from our previous posts, and, all this while it has structured and restructured based on the growing customer experiences we have garnered over the years, what this means it that the services you render to you now is almost near perfection! and that is why we are here. To deliver a perfect and accurate speed dial service to our customers and clients, so, u─║timately, you are our priority and we consider your satisfaction first before every other thing, including pricing. This is unobtainable in certain platforms who parade themselves as “bulk SMS providers,” ask them about some of the things they do, they don’t even know, probably, they just see Sefan SMS doing it and chose to cojoin.

In submission, sefansms remains the best, in summer or in winter. Thank you.

Register with us today and you will confirm it at www.sefansms.com.

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