Bet9ja – How Someone Won ₦34,400,736.63

Welcome again my wonderful friend, today I want to tell you of How Someone Won ₦34,400,736.63 with only ₦200!

This is totally real, see the code below

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I couldn’t believe my eyes,  when I heard the story, He said he has been playing both team to score always,  but this time around he said within himself to play a different game which was mostly home and away with two over 1.5. To his greatest shock!  He didn’t even check livescore, he even forgot about the game only to remember and check, to his amazement he won ₦34,400,736.63 with only ₦200. To this moment the guy is very surprise! He said he will invest the money to start up a business and put back ₦20,000 in to Bet9ja for more games to play!




My brothers and sisters, me to am very surprised,  I didn’t like betting before, but from what I have seen, I will begin bet9ja, in fact yesterday I deposited ₦5,000 to my bet9ja online account to begin betting,  everyday there is sports,  so I believe that God will favour me one day, I will advice you to join as well,  in fact Bet9ja are giving away ₦100,000 FREE OF CHARGE to only new members, so if you don’t have an online account you can create your own now,  once you have created your account, deposit in to it from ₦1,000 to ₦10,000 then play some games and check back your account to receive your ₦100,000 bonus,  I got mine recently! It is better to bet with your phone or computer than going to bet9ja agent, because if you win big it can be a problem for you, people can plan against you,  so be careful,  better to play it on your phone or PC, so that when you win,  no one will know only you and those you have chosen to tell!  You can create your account by clicking one the link below


₦100,000 Awaits You, Click Me To Open An Account With Bet9ja


I just thank God for this news I saw, I believe that tomorrow will be my own turn! Don’t wait again, they said winners don’t wait, once you win,  you can start any business you want, no more relying on government again lol ?!


₦100,000 Awaits You, Click Me To Open An Account With Bet9ja



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