Create Your PayPal Account In 5mins

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Create Your PayPal Account In 5mins!!!
Today I will be showing you how you can create a paypal account that can send and receive funds and also withdraw to your local bank account here in Nigeria, I am sure that you know that paypal is the no 1 world top most used transaction platform, a lot of companies world wild use PayPal for transaction, so it is imperative to have your own paypal account.


Look At The Images Below

I want you to look at the images below and see the my PayPal transactions in the past, these my paypal can send and receive funds, I am really enjoying this !!!,  I make money from international companies and I get paid directly to my PayPal and I safely withdraw to my bank account, I don’t suffer my self looking for PayPal buyers, coz I know how to get my funds. I remember in early 2018, I was scammed by a facebook PayPal seller, sincerely that was the worst day of my life, coz I borrowed that money but how ever, thank God we have learnt, kindly see the pictures below


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This PayPal account is a must have, I totally encourage you today to get this PayPal account so that you can enjoy all benefits



They sent an email confirming the transfer to my bank.


PayPal collects a $5 fee, no matter the amount you’re withdrawal, even if you’re withdrawaing $10k.

If you follow the steps to withdraw, the money will land in your bank account INSTANTLY.

This information is a rare gem and the last bus stop. You never have to worry about waiting for days to sell your funds and exactly at a lower rate.

This is what you ever need to withdraw paypal money to your bank account in Nigeria.

There are no BREAK and Quench in this, it’s easy and straight forward!

Now, let’s hit the nail.

How to Withdraw PayPal Money to Nigeria Bank Account 

However, this will cost you a little token!

In this ebook, it contains information on how to create a PayPal account in Nigeria without hiding your IP.

Paypal that can send and receive payments successfully.

It also includes core information on type of PayPal accounts that are eligible to withdraw to bank account, so you don’t go about wasting your time.

So how much do I sell it ?


The fee is N5000 for this PayPal guide, but as a special bonus for today, you will get it at N2700 !!!
if you miss it today, the price will go back to N5,000, so grab your order now before it goes back

in addition, you get the following below free from me

  • How to create a Clickbank account and how to earn $250 through it
  • Earning at least $100 daily through Bitcoin
  •  How to earn $65 monthly and withdraw to your paypal account
  • How to earn at least $50 daily through AD link and how to withdraw from it and many other premium products that will be discussed as soon as you become a member


Grab your PayPal guide now,  their are two ways of making payment, you either you pay online or via bank

To pay online click here now

to pay via bank, pay to the account below

GT Bank
Current Account
Joshua Anozie

After making payment either onlin or via bank, kindly fill the form below

paypal reg
How did you pay the fee *



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