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Let’s move on, dailyfreedomchallenge is a matrix site 2X2 with registration fee of just $0.2 (two cents) this tiny seed of $0.2 can yield $13,100 or more in a short period of time. In dailyfreedomchallenge everyone is expected to bring in at least two friends in, but there is a good news, once join us, the Josh team, their is no need to refer, because we will refer for you. However this doesn’t mean that you are not allowed to refer, if you have anyone who is interested, feel free to refer the user, it will help everyone one us in this team.

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Since the registration fee is just $0.2, we expect every to deposit $2 in their account weekly, so you can buy two or more position daily which cost $0.2.

In The Daily Freedom Challenge (DFC), you donate to your Receiver & to your Receiver’s Sponsor at each level. The amounts you donate will depend on which level you are on. You will receive 6 donations, in total, for each level. But don’t worry, this will all be taken care of AUTOMATICALLY by the website! We have 30 levels that you will reach, and at the end of the 30th level you will have profited handsomely in your Bitcoin account! 

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Again to help everyone reach level 30 faster, we ask that everyone purchase 1 to 2 new positions per day, when you are in profit or by adding extra funds to your account. If you cant refer don’t worry the team will cover you but if you can, kindly brings in at least 2 people to help us all move faster like a plane ✈ . You can PIF (pay it forward) these people in so they don’t actually have to pay the $0.20 to get started. Yes, there IS a one time $0.20 out of pocket fee that can be paid via bitcoin

This will boost everyone of us in this team to earn $13,100 within days. At least from Monday to Friday only $0.2, you continue in new week. Kindly take a look at the pay plan picture below

Pay Plan

If we are all able to circle out of the final level(which can be possible though). Then hurry. This means saying goodbye to poverty. Because when you will earn totally is $322,122,547.20 wow

But I am not here to promise you that, but what I can promise you is $13,100 within days, so let’s go for it. In this team, we will be spending $1 weekly. Method of payment is bitcoin via blockchain, if you want to by $1 or any small amount of bitcoin, you can quickly purchase from Luno but if you want to purchase a high amount of bitcoin then I recommend you to purchase it from Remitano, they are very legit site you get your bitcoins or satoshis instantly to your wallet address.

Where is Payment Proof ???

Yes I know that’s what you may ask me, kindly see proof below

This is $224 just in 5 days after joining. Please don’t miss this awesome opportunity.

Rules To Get Started

  1. Register
  2. Deposit $2 or more weekly
  3. Purchase 2 or more position daily
  4. If you can, bring in your friends with your link, this will boost us the more

I want everyone is this team to earn at least $13,100 in days, so please follow the instructions. We are not playing games here. This one is real!!!

Click on the link registration link below to grab your account instantly

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