Earn ₦800,000 In 40 Days

Earn ₦800,000 or More In 40 Days Investing a one time fee of ₦2,000

Hello to you and welcome to this platform, this is another awesome opportunity to earn ₦800k (eight hundred thousand) or more investing a one time fee of only ₦2,000 (two thousand naira) to begin, this is a force matrix program, where everyone will earn within forty days. This business opportunity is mainly for people residing in Nigeria and have a bank account with any Nigerian bank , so if you are a Nigerian or you are a foreigner that resides here in Nigeria,  then this opportunity is for you.


There is no need to refer in  this business, because we will do the refer for you, all you have to do is to register, pay your ₦2,000 and we will add you on our team. Each day we give two to four downlines under you (so there is no need to worry).

Before you register, make sure you have ₦2,000, either in your bank or cash which you will use to pay either via bank or ATM transfer or via bank deposit, if you register and refused to pay within one day,  your account will be deleted, so this is no joke we are not playing child games here,  this system is for serious minded people who are ready to make Millions before 2018 ends by God’s grace. I repeat, We are not joking nor playing here,  if you are registering,  make sure you have your money to upgrade,  because as soon as you upgrade, we will begin to add downline/people under who will begin to pay you instantly!

How Does This Business Works? 

Kindly look at the picture below to see how it works

If you don’t understand, don’t worry, just read below


LEVEL 1: You enter this level by paying ₦2,000

2 Participants pays you ₦2,000 each = ₦4,000

Total Income = ₦4,000

LEVEL 2:  You enter this level by upgrading with ₦2,000 to a sponsor

In level 2.

4 Participants pays you ₦2,000 each =  ₦8,000

Total Income = ₦8,000

LEVEL 3: You enter this level by upgrading with ₦4,000 to a sponsor

In level 3.

8 Participants pays you ₦4,000 each =  ₦32,000

Total Income = ₦32,000

LEVEL 4:  You enter this level by upgrading with ₦16,000 to a sponsor

In level 4.

16 Participants pays you N16,000 each = ₦256,000

Total Income = ₦256,000

LEVEL 5:  You enter this level by upgrading with ₦128,000 to a sponsor

In level 5.

32 Participants pays you ₦128,000 each =  ₦4,096,000

Total Income = ₦4,096,000

LEVEL 6: You enter this level by upgrading with ₦1,000,000 to a sponsor In level 6.

64 Participants pays you ₦1,000,000 each ₦64,000,000 is final Income

It as simple as ABC,  you totally have nothing to loose or worry about,  because we the business insights team will do the most work which is in referring members in,  your only work is to join and pay your  ₦2,000 and we will begin from there.

We have a lot of advertising team who are working with us,  a lot of members have earned a lot from this business. Kindly see a screenshot below of one of our members

This business is real and I personally I have started earning from it,  so join us today, Guys and Girls dis biz na real stuff,  I no go lie you,  I swear u go chop well well for dis biz,  no let common  ₦2,000 to stop u o! 

Once again I am Joshua and promise you, sincerely you will earn from this business it’s a promise, kindly click on the image below to register,  PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU HAVE YOUR  ₦2,000, IF YOU REGISTER WITHOUT PAYING,  YOUR ACCOUNT WILL BE DELETED. WE ARE NOT PLAYING GAMES HERE 

Once you register, the company will send you a message in your email address,  so check your inbox or spam to follow the instructions to activate your account,  once your account has been activated, the next is to update your bank account, you will fill in your bank account information there. After this you click on upgrade to pay your ₦2,000, you will be assigned a member whom you will pay him,  then he/she will accept you,  check the image below

Once your upline accepts you,  then you are now in, within some minutes you will receive people who will pay you ₦2,000, which you will also accept in so that’s how you will be moving till you earn ₦64 million,  many people are already reaching the final step,  so join today to start earning,  I promise you your phone will be receiving bank alerts each blessed day!

Register now and grab your spot

For registration link, simply reach me today 24/7
☎ or whatsapp or sms 0903 2989 974



Please before you call or SMS or whatsapp or email me,  make sure, you have your N2,000. Again we are not playing here!!!!
After registration, I will add you to the Josh team group on facebook and whatsapp  for special discussion, news or any update!
     Welcome to this platform where members in this team earn Millions in a short period of time 
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