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Today I want to let you of a new opportunity to earn at least $1,000 weekly investing a one time  fee of $50 or $125,  this is real and I have started earning from it. This company is known as CrowdClubCoin (CCC).

What is crowdcoinclub?
Crowdcoinclub is a international crowdfunding platform where members support each other’s fundraising campaign. You will create a campaign on any filed either in business, education etc then share your campaign link or referral link for people to donate, is as simple as ABC, but for you to begin receiving donations you have to donate first $50

After you sign up as a regular member, you send a donation to the campaign of the person who sponsored you. You account will then be approved and you will qualify to receive donations for your campaign(s). Next step is to create your campaign. Once your campaign is created, send out your referral or campaign link to your friends and family to get them to donate to your campaign. I just started this business two days ago and I have earned  already and I withdrew $100 yesterday and it came directly to my bank account, see the image below

This is a very lucrative business to begin with your browsing phone or computer. There are three ways to join this biz, it’s simple even if you don’t have $50, you can still join, these are the three ways :

  • You join as a regular member : in this option, you have to donate $50 to your sponsor campaign before your account can be approved so that you can create your own campaign


  • You join as a fundee : this is for those that don’t have $50, in this section, during registration you will prove your identity, by snapping either of the following, drivers license or international passport or national identity card, for drivers license or national identity card, you will snap it front and back, then you will snap your self holding your ID card (passport, government id or drivers license) see the image below to show you what I mean

Once you submit it, your account will be approved withing 30 mins or more, in the email they will join you with a funder,  which means,  someone loan you $50, then you can go ahead to create your own campaign, the first $100 you will receive, it will be deducted and given to the person that loan you $50, then any amount you receive again will be yours. (this option is for those that don’t have $50 to start,  if you have $50 no need for this long process)

  • Register as a Funder : in this section, you must have money from $50 to $125 from your own pocket, once you register as a funder, you will be asked to add funds, up to $50 to $125 which will be used to help fundee,  also you will earn more as well up to 80% profits, you will also create your own campaign and people will donate to you as well.

This business is very good, I will advise you to join today and begin to earn like me, even though you don’t have $50 you can still join as a fundee

So it is time to register,  if you have $50 now you can register as a regular member now so that you can create your own campaign to start earning. Click here to REGISTER AS A REGULAR MEMBER

if you don’t have $50 and you wanna still register,  but remember that $100 will deducted from your earnings gotten from your campaign! Click here to REGISTER AS A FUNDEE

if you have $50 to $125 to invest, where you will earn even more money up to 80% and more from your campaign  Click here to REGISTER AS A FUNDER

This business rocks……

Don’t Miss It!!!!!!!

Feel free to comment below if you have any questions, I will gladly respond to you. 


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