Earn $80,000 With Ecko Coin

Earn $80,000 With Ecko Coin



ECKO Coin is a digital currency managed by the Real World Community. The ECKO Coin, with a unique purpose, is currently available in their 6 rounds of ICO. Different rounds of the ICO allow the public to be a part of this financial technology revolution.

ECKO is a coin, developed for the Community. Common people will have the opportunity to earn through the core products launched on the ECKO platform. VisionCPE20, Community Paradise 2020, providing virtual experience with real time earnings. Three products with high levels of security with ECKO as the payment mode.

Ecko Coin has a mission to provide a scam free experience, responsive support and amazing earning opportunities packaged in each of the products. The fees from the portals and apps will be used for future updates, development and be proportionately distributed to the Co-Owners & round 1 ICO participants.

The coin is designed to serve the Community, giving the common man the opportunity to earn through a unique Marketplace portal. The portal allows members to work for one another and get paid through the platform with ECKO Coin as the mode of payment. The marketplace portal is followed by the peer to peer exchange where members can trade ECKO with a few other crypto currencies and also with their local currency.

The marketplace and the peer to peer exchange are integrated into the 3rd product, a virtual gaming simulation where entertainment and earning go hand in hand. Members in the gaming environment will be able to trade and communicate in real time with members in the marketplace and the peer to peer exchange.

The digital currency space has gone through several stages of evolution since it officially graced the financial world about a decade ago. The increasing acceptance and popularity of Cryptocurrencies and particularly the blockchain technology has led to the emergence of several digital currencies. However, many of them have been discovered to be means of extorting money from unsuspecting people, as they have no purpose or fundamentals driving their launch. This is where the likes of the Real World Community’s ECKO Coin is particularly unique.

Round 3 of the ECKO Coin ICO is live now. Now is the time to get in on this amazing new ICO platform and take advantage of lower costs to obtain these coins.

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