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Freebitco.insecrets earn $100 daily

Hello everyone, thank you for coming to, please come back tomorrow because we post new business stuff daily. You are on this post because, you have searched for following

*Free bitcoin 

*Free bitcoin secrets 

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Well it doesn’t matter how you came here,  but I assure you,  you will earn free bitcoin

Today I want to let you know how freebitcoin with free secrets,  Each blessed day people are looking for an opportunity to get a bitcoin, well today I will be offering a great way to earn bitcoin completely free of charge, all you have to do is to work and you will earn, at least you are sure of $100 daily or more weekly.

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In December 2016 1 BTC was $600 or less, in December 2017, 1 BTC rose to $20,000 plus and in now 1 BTC is $4,000, it keeps going up and down,  Bill Gates said “one day 1 BTC will be $500,000” and honestly this will one day happen. So anything positive that will give you bitcion, don’t miss it. In you will be able to



I will explain all of them for so that you can understand. Now the 1st which is win up to $200 in free bitcoins is an option where you can earn $200 in a single day, in this place you you will roll the button to get free bitcoin, the give free bitcoin every hour, see the image below 

once the times comes down to 00:00 you will be asked to roll the bitcoin, once you roll it, youwill earn, you could earn up to $200 in a roll.

The second one is called multiply  your bitcoin, look at the image above and see yellow part “why not try to multiply your bitcoins, click on it to multiply it (always read the instructions given) to win bitcoin, this is where many people earn up-to 3 bitcoin in single day by multiplying it , look at the image below


Look at where the wrote BET AMOUNT /2. 2X  MIN  MAX, this what you will you use to multiply your bitcoin, you decrease your bitcoin by pressing /2 when you know you are about to fail and you will increase your bitcoin by pressing 2X when you know will win bitcoin (don’t worry I will teach you the system just read on, remember you have a video that will guide you. Now look at the remaining part of the image below


Look at the columns below SELECT, do not click on any of them, it is for those who want to win the jackpot, if anyone is clicked, unclick it


There are two different things to win bitcoin, bet either HI or LO, if you are betting hi the number that will show must be greater than 5250 (look at image above)  if you are betting Lo the number that will show must be lower than 4750, now this is what you will do to earn more bitcoin. You will be clicking HI all through, only when you have mastered the system then you can begin to click LO, the first click  normally comes LO (remember I said you will be clicking HI always) make sure you reduce your bitcoin by pressing /2 to 0.00000001 so that if you fail it only that little amount will be deducted from you, the next click normally comes HI so before you click it, increase your bitcoin by pressing 2X to the amount you wish to win but be careful after 6 lost the next will be win so make sure to increase your bitcoin, after 6  wins the next will be lost so make sure to decrease your bitcoin, after the lost the next usually use to be win so increase the amount. As you begin to do it you will learn, also, this is very important in secrets: before you begin multiplication in , make sure you have earned at least 10,000 satoshi, if you can’t wait then you can deposit before you begin betting in

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The third talks about jackpot, you could win up to 1 bitcoin to 40 bitcoin once you click on the columns below SELECT but be careful with this one I don’t do it. Only when you have mastered it very well,  then you can begin to do it.

The fourth talks about lottery, in this option you can win bitcoin weekly when you participate in the lottery. The fifth has to do with referring you could earn as well from it.

Also those using smart phones to do the business, there may be a time when you will see an error message like this, check the image below


Once this is shown to you, all you have to do is to clear browsing history and sign in again, also you can contact them so that the will verify it or you may verify your phone number and it will be verified

Click on the image below to register your account for

Grab this opportunity today and start making real money, do not for any reason miss this opportunity. Also there are a lot of prizes to be won, just click on rewards to see a lot of amazing prizes. 


Hello again, this is for those who want to get my tricks in multiplying your satoshis, I have given out this free before, in our former blog and a lot of people earned up to $1,000 in a day and when I asked for a thank you donation,  they refused, some abused it. So this time around,  I won’t give it free again. If you are interested in joining my group you will receive all the tricks,  for now I am offering multiplication tricks which will enable you to earn at least $100 in a day or week,  no rushing!!! Check this video out

Now check out the images below 

With all this satoshis coming up regularly,  you can definitely earn at least $100 and beyond daily or weekly depending on your patience. As I said earlier,  I am no more giving this out for free,  to join other members who are in already,  you need to pay a one time fee of $12 and each week,  you will new multiplication trick from me receive with this,  I assure you of $100 plus daily or weekly. Payment can be made though bitcoins, skrill, payeer and paypal. Please we are accepting only bitcoins worth $12. Do Not Send Any Other Coin,  click on the link below to join us now,  after making payment,  I will personally add you to our mailing list. 

Kindly use the following options below to send the $12 fee

Bitcoin : 18RfruMvayRhefEd4nH9Nq1mTwdAsBHLzH

For Skrill and Payeer:

PayPal :

Bank account Gtbank 0176 596 562 (you are sending N4,000)

Don’t miss this opportunity to make clean money with secrets earn $100 daily. 

If you have any questions feel free to comment below, I will be glad to answer you. 

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I just want to let you know again that under the multiplication of satoshis is a game,  you can win huge and you can loose huge,  it all depends 100% on you . You just got to be patient. secrets earn $100 daily.


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