Inksnation Review Earn N120,000 Monthly

Inksnation Review Earn N120,000 Monthly

Hello to you my wonderful business friend, today I want to let you know about a business opportunity that is putting money daily to my bank o!

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Don’t worry, I will explain InksNation for you and tell you how you can make money from InksNation


InksNation ist the World’s First Philanthropic Blockchain (iBLedger) and the World’s First Charitable Trust DAO (InksNation) which can end poverty in any country in less than 9 months incentivising goodness, promoting love, unity, oneness, peace and equitable distribution of wealth. Our Native coin is iBCash and it is starting with Nigeria, iBNaira Cryptocurrency is the first token to be built on our iBLedger therefore we are on a mission to end poverty in Nigeria and the world in the near future.

Benefits Of InksNation

InksNation will be blessing their members N120,000 or more from 1st August, which is just few days to go. I remember in 2009 when bitcoin came out, Bill Gate said that a day will come, 1 bitcoin will be $10,000, everybody wh0 had that prophecy by Bill Gates laughed and mocked him, while other wise people invested in Bitcoin, now guess what Bitcoin today has gone above ten thousand dollars, in fact in late 2018, 1 bitcoin reached $20,000 and those who invested in 2009 became billionaires. Now I know you have heard about InksNation and now again people are mocking and laughing at them, but the wise are already investing and by Gods grace I am one of the wise people, because I hate to say “Had I know” I will always take opportunity by the head!
There is no loosing at all with InksNation, because they have paid out over Eighty million naira or even more and they want to also pay you today, I have made more than 5million already and am glad to be part of InskNation!

Packages That Helps Me Earn In InksNation!

You can subscribe for this package to become a member for as low as #1000. Bronze features include sign up bonus and monthly salary, see below.Sign up bonus (IBGrant #1,800,000).
Monthly salary is #120,000, you will be receiving N120,000 every month, if you don’t have big money am sure you will have at least just N1,000 to register, this will give you N120,000 monthly

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This is the second package, you have to pay #10,000 for silver subscription. See features below.
Sign up bonus is #5,480,000. Monthly salary is #180,000. every month, whether you work or not, you will be receiving N180,000 (I will advice you to start with the Silver, cus that is where I started from and I have made over N5million already, but if you dont have N10,000 you can start with Bronze which is the N1,000 package)

To subscribe for this package, you’ll have to pay #100,000.Sign up bonus is #11,040,000 worth of IBNaira.
Monthly salary is #240,000, every month, with this you will be getting N240,000 directly in to your bank account. Also if you have N100,000, feel free to go for this option. (Only the wise invest)

This is the biggest of them all.
You have to pay #1,000,000 to become a member of diamond package. Features include;
Sign up bonus (IBGrant #99,300,000 worth of IB naira). Monthly salary is N300,000. with this option, every month, you will be earning N300,000 directly and you what this means, this is bye bye to poverty, remember that if you don’t make money with your black hair, you will beg with your white hair. People are going for this option already, if you have 1million, you can go for it as well.

Please and Please, do not miss this opportunity, you can start from any package you want, it is better to invest than waste money! To register your account, kindly click here

After registration you need to activate your account, kindly contact me, I am one of their agents. reach me on whatsapp at this line : 09032989974, just let me know which of the plan you are going for, you will pay and I will activate you and teach you what to do to earn money too

PS : A lot of people have been asking for my account details, this is it  WEMA BANK, Joshua Anozie 0236 915 837
please make sure to register your account, before making payment to my account, you can click on the link to sign up

Also for special bonus for you, I will give you an e-book, that teach how I made 5million with InksNation!

Again don’t miss this ample opportunity of making clean money with InksNation today


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