Jumia One earn NGN50,000 Weekly with Jumia App

Hello friends, today you are going to learn how to earn NGN50,000 weekly with Jumia app.

What is Jumia?

Jumia is a Shopping Centre platform for all types products, you can purchase physically and also online. Recently, they have released an app called Jumia one. Which you can use for most purchases online.

What you can do with Jumia One App

  1. You can purchase airtime
  2. Pay bills e.g electric, Dsty Gotv etc
  3. You can purchase clothes shoes etc
  4. You book a flight ✈
  5. You purchase phones etc
  6. And etc

How can I Earn From Jumia One App

There are two ways to earn on Jumia one App

  1. Through cash back : you get cash back for anything purchased
  2. You can earn a beautiful amount of NGN1,000 for each person that downloads the App with your link and invest only NGN200 upwards

If for example you paste your link on facebook and 50 people joins with your link you’ve made NGN50,000 instantly. See images below

So the more people you bring in they more money you make, you can purchase airtime with it, you can purchase products with it, you can pay bills with it too, if you want to receive it as cash, then firstly purchase airtime, then sell it at Zoranga.

Click here to download your JumiaOne app now

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