Tinyseed Income earn ₦360,000 monthly

Tinyseed Income earn ₦360,000 monthly

Hello my lovely business partners,  welcome again to biz7days.com, please come back tomorrow because we advertise new business each day.  Today we are going to discuss about Tinyseed Income earn ₦360,000 monthly. You are here because you searched in Google about tinyseed or you came here through advert of tinyseed on facebook or you saw this below :

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No problem,  let’s move on to know how you earn with tinyseed or tinyseedcoop.


What is Tinyseedcoop? 

Tiny seed coop is an organization that is fully registered with national regulatory body and Lagos state, tinyseed was created with the sole purpose of eradicating poverty from Nigeria.

Please Note : Tiny Seed Cooperative is Not A ponzi scheme or get rich quick, but a simple, reliable, adorable and affordable platform to be financially free in 2018, if you are ready to take action and put this into test, sincerely you will make it big with tinyseed,  you have no doubt about it

Tinyseed is duly registered with the Lagos State Govt of Nigeria ( Ministry of Commerce, Industry & Cooperative). Under section 10 of cap 15 of the Laws of Lagos State 2003, with the registration No LSCS 16039, kindly see tinyseed or tinyeedcoop registration certificate below

So you don’t need to worry at all,  you will make it big time with tinyseed,  just keep on reading

What is Tinyseed Vision? 

Tinyseed vision is to raise an army of Financial Giants through the spirit and principle of cooperative. This has to do with people coming together.

What isTinyseed Mission?

Tinyseed mission is to destroy poverty and financial stagnation among the people of Nigeria and launch them into financial fortune and dominion through the provision of profitable economic activities.

This business opportunity is for people residing in Nigeria,  so this means that Tinyseedcoop is a Nigerian biz. 

How Do I Earn From Tinyseed? 

Very good question, with tinyseed you will be paid in dollars which will be converted to naira during withdrawal.

The registration fee to start this business is just ₦1,000 and in this business every one is required to refer two people but we know that a lot of you don’t like to refer so we came up with a unique system where you pay for three accounts, which are your own account and two accounts that will be added to you automatically as your downline.  So once you pay ₦3000, you automatically have two downlines under you. So there is no need to refer,  your work is to join with your fee of ₦3000 plus a ₦1,000 fee for advertising which is ₦4,000 in all and within days you begin to withdraw your money $$$.

Tinyseed rate of their dollar is $1 = ₦200

So if you earn $10 in tinyseed, then $10 multiply by 200 you will have ₦2,000 cash, if you earn $20 what you have in naira is ₦4,000. (hope you understand)

A lot of us have earn from this system and I want you to earn with me. Kindly see the commission plan for tinyseed 


Apart from the money you will earn,  there are other bonuses you will receive, but let’s live that at side and talk about the money!  Now see the written explanation below. It will be in naira now 

Here is the full Breakdown Of Each Level
 ? ♦ LEVEL 1.
 You enter this level by Paying NGN 1,000
2 Participants pays you NGN 1,000 each = NGN 2,000
Total income = NGN 2,000
 ? ♦ LEVEL 2.
 You enter this level by Automatic Upgrading by the system with NGN 2,000 to a sponsor in level 2
4 Participants pays you NGN 2,000 each = NGN 8,000
Total Income = NGN 8,000
 ? ♦ LEVEL 3.
You enter this level by Automatic Upgrading by the system with NGN 4,000 to a sponsor in level 3.
8 Participants pays you NGN 4,000 each = NGN 32,000
Total Income = NGN 32,000
 ? ♦ LEVEL 4.
 You enter this level by Automatic Upgrading by the system with NGN 16,000 to a sponsor in level 4.
16 Participants pays you NGN 16,000 each = NGN 256,000
Total Income = NGN 256,000
 ? ♦ LEVEL 5.
 You enter this level by Automatic Upgrading by the system with NGN 128,000 to a sponsor in level 5.
32 Participants pays you NGN 128,000 each = NGN 4,096,000
Total Income = NGN 4,096,000
 ? ♦ LEVEL 6.
 You enter this level by Automatic Upgrading by the system with NGN 2,048,000 to a sponsor in level 6.
64 Participants pays you NGN 2,048,000 each = NGN 131,072,000
Total Income = NGN 131,072,000
 ? ♦ LEVEL 7.
 You enter this level by Automatic Upgrading by the system with NGN 65,536,000 to a sponsor in level 6.
64 Participants pays you NGN 65,536,000 each = NGN 8,388,608,000
Total Income = NGN 8,388,608,000
? ♦ LEVEL 1. 
= none
? ♦ LEVEL 2. 
= NGN 4,000
? ♦ LEVEL 3.
= NGN 16,000
? ♦ LEVEL 4.
= NGN 128,000
= NGN 2,048,000
? ♦ LEVEL 6.
= NGN 65,536,000
? LEVEL 7.
= NGN 8,388,608,000
Total: NGN 8,456,220,000
Don’t Miss Tinyseed Today !!!!

There is no need for you to call your upline or downline because everything is automatic, the system was built in that way. You will be automatically upgraded by the system and your balance withdrawal will remain in your account for you to withdraw.

I just thank God for Tinyseedcoop, I just started two weeks ago and I have earn up $1,400 plus,


Are you looking for proof of payment?

This is real and I want you to earn like me, you totally have nothing to loose because the Biz7days team are doing the main work here!  Your own work is to join and pay your ₦4000 and we will all be flying like plane (✈ ) withdrawing money each blessed day! 

Once you pay your ₦4000, within 24 to 48 hrs we will create your account and put in your two downline instantly,  you will receive an email from the company with your account details,  sometimes the message comes to your SPAM box sometimes it goes to inbox. 

This is my final question to you, 

Are you tired of lack of money to solve common issues in life? 

Have people, your family or friends look down on you because of your situation ?

Have lack of money made you say O God where are you? 

Do you want to begin earning from today? 

If your answer is YES to all the questions I have asked,  then I want you know that God has answered your prayers,  even God almighty said in his word “I wish above all things that you prosper and be in health even as your soul prospereth”

God wants you to prosper in life and live in good health, I want to advice you today my brother and sister,  my father and mother,  do not allow  ₦4000 to stop you from making it big time! Because I promise you that you will earn!

If you are ready to join my team today, then I invite you to come now, there is room for you in fact the earlier you come in the faster you earn because it is first come first serve. 

To register your account today, pay a sum of  ₦4,100, (this extra  ₦100 is for bank charges I get to transfer your money to the company account) pay into the account details below 

Bank : Gtbank 

Account no : 0176 596 562

Name : Anozie Joshua  


Once you have made payment,  quickly fill the form below so that I can create your own account sharp sharp. If you want to talk to me,  feel free to contact me,  I am your friend. 

☎ or whatsapp : 0903 2989 974

? help@biz7days.com

After making payment,  please fill the form so that we can proceed 


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