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Business For Only Nigerians


For those browsing with there phone or computer, this is your chance to work and earn money.

This company will pay you, when you give your own opinion about their

products, brands, businesses, accessories, movies e.t.c

For example you will be asked to review Dangote Company

In this aspect you will give your opinion about the business, if its excellent good or average and you will be paid for it

Payment are made daily, Once you have earned, you can withdraw your

money instantly to any of your bank account here in Nigeria.

Step to Register

1. Register an account

2, Verify your account immediately, to this, you will have to proof

your identity, You will have to snap a  picture of yourself with your

user code, you will be given your user code immediately after


You will also have to snap any ONE of the followings

* National Id

* Diving License

* Iternational passport

* Or any accredited school Id

* Jamb slip or Waec result (they one that have your picture)

You will snap any of those identification and upload it at there

website, this is to ensure one account per person.

this an example of what you will snap, the pictures below explains it.

This is what you will do to verify your account, you will find your user code when you have registered your account and read the 7 steps of this business.

There is a special bonus today, when you register

Duplication of account is a crime.

Note : Your two pictures must be clear and legible

This company pays well

These is how it works…..

As soon as you register, you get 1500 points, when you verify your

account in less than 24hrs from moment of registration, you get an

additional 1000 points, you get an additional 1000 points which will give you ₦1000

cash straight to your account,

Then you keep on reviewing business, products and movies and also

Many people have earned more than ₦120,000 from this business

click this image below to register


If you are using an android phone, they may ask you for code, put this

: 380408035

Register Today and Start Earning Your Money.

Once you ave registered and verify your account, you can click on

business, products or movies

inviting more people in and you make real money.


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